Thyroid Disorders

The latest thyroid studies show that more times than not, thyroid symptoms persist despite standard diagnosis and treatment approaches. A recent analysis (1) of 40 thyroid studies revealed that traditional methods of diagnosis, monitoring and treatment often do not result in the improvement of hypothyroid symptoms. Anyone who suffers from hypothyroidism is well aware of the symptoms: constant fatigue, inability to lose weight, depression, anxiety, mood swings, constipation, hair loss, brittle nails, etc. 

Additionally, about 90% of thyroid issues are related to autoimmune disease. Many healthcare practitioners only test for TSH, and nothing more, which does not test for this serious condition.

Thyroid patients are too often overlooked, dismissed and marginalized by their diagnosis. You are more than your diagnosis. You are a unique human being with a unique history and a unique physiology. Because of this, you deserve thorough and skilled interpretation of your health and tests. 

Thyroid patients can absolutely attain the energy and sharp focus, cognition and quality of life that they deserve if they just look in the right places. 

(1) Clinical challenges in thyroid disease: Time for a new approach? 2016, Science Direct