What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is the science of looking at each person individually with the emphasis being on finding the causes or mechanisms behind the different disease processes. Each person has completely different reasons and needs for care. Symptoms are red flags for a problem but rarely the reason for disease. Then, as the body is intended to heal itself, support is given according to testing and retesting to see the improvements and the self-healing process without covering up symptoms and the use of medications.

Why Choose Functional Medicine?

Given the immense individuality of the human spectrum, it’s often hard to find common ground. However, critical matters, like our health, tend to stay on the mind of most people. We all care about staying healthy, but the shocking fact is that most of what health care practitioners preach regarding healthcare is at the very least insufficient, and at the most obsolete.

Let’s face it, when it comes to traditional medicine, the field is conquered by pharmaceutical giants. Like most high-level bureaucracy, pharmaceutical companies make staggering profits and direct some of the money into the political/industrial cycle to get a return. By the time you walk into your doctor’s office, they have preconceived notions of how to treat you, following a “cookie-cutter” approach fed to them by these very pharmaceutical companies.

Now, this is not to say that you should abandon medical treatments or distrust your health care practitioner. They’ve taken an oath to do you no harm, and have done so in good faith. However, you should carry a healthy level of curiosity. Is the treatment a health care practitioner is recommending to you really the best treatment for you, or is it the best treatment for most people? We are all biologically unique, and all have a unique life situation. Perhaps the best treatment for you isn’t listed in a one-size-fits-all diagnostic document.

How Does Functional Medicine Work?

Fortunately, there is an emerging field of medicine called “functional” medicine, that may revolutionize modern medicine as we know it. Functional medicine is all about the patient, not the diagnosis. The functional medicine practitioner will take a look at a patient’s lifestyle habits, environment and diet to get to the root cause of a disease. By taking the time to find the root of the problem, patients are saved from an endless cycle of pharmaceutical drugs, tolerance buildup, and more pharmaceutical drugs. The root of a disease is the key to genuine health care. Functional medicine has allowed patients to reverse some of the worst ailments in the spectrum of human disease, giving hope to the weary denizens of a pharmaceutical fueled culture.