Could Functional Medicine Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

Reverse Diabetes

Diabetes has plagued society for centuries, causing patients crippling numbness, pain, blinding, kidney disease, heart disease, and amputations. Current figures show 29 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes, and 380 million global diagnoses. The most shocking fact in the fight against diabetes? Most health care practitioners don’t even attempt to put an end to the disease.

Patients come to a health care practitioner's office for guidance, and most trust that they will act in their best interest. Instead, most health care practitioners have grown accustomed to prescribing drugs, exercise, and dieting. Many patients start out feeling like they’re in control, the prescription works, they start having energy again, and they neglect the root cause of diabetes. And, just like that, the modern healthcare complex deprives another patient of the care they really need, to a life of pharmaceutical medicine.

The Blood Sugar Game

As Dr. Luke Martin puts it, many health care practitioners are playing the “blood-sugar game”. They will prescribe medication and insulin to cure the symptoms of diabetes. Soon, a patient grows tolerant to the medicine; meanwhile, high-blood sugar keeps destroying the patient’s body, until the health care practitioner can prescribe a higher dose or another medication. The real treatment is based on finding an underlying cause, the root of one’s diabetes.

The Functional Medicine Solution

That’s where functional medicine comes in; it’s a revolutionary way of individualized medicine that doesn’t focus on pharmaceutical remedies. Instead, functional medicine looks at the patient from a unique human level. Instead of giving you the solution that’s best for pharmaceutical companies, it gives you the solution that's best for you, based on your lifestyle, habits, and environment.

The fact is, that with conventional treatment for diabetes, patients only get worse. Most diabetes patients are affected by one of the unpleasant long term affects, despite pharmaceutical therapy. Obviously, medicine like insulin has immense value in high-risk situations, but it’s not a long term solution. When a health care practitioner starts using functional medicine, they oftentimes find underlying factors that happen to change the nature of the diagnosis entirely. A patient could have an auto-immune disease that alters the effect of their medicine, or get stuck in an endocrine function loop. Functional medicine ties together genuine individual care with modern medicine, and has shown to reverse the effects of diabetes.