Activated Charcoal Uses and Benefits 

By  Dr. Luke Martin, D.C.

You might be wondering, “What is activated charcoal?” Activated charcoal is a natural treatment used to trap toxins and chemicals that are in your body and allows for them to be flushed out of the body. Activated charcoal is helpful for cleansing the body of unwanted toxins, but can be useful for other benefits as well.

Whitens Teeth – Activated charcoal can be used to take out coffee, wine, tea, or berry stains. Along with removing stains in your teeth, activated charcoal improves your overall oral health by improving the pH balance, preventing cavities, gum disease, and bad breath.

Helps with Gas and Bloating – Activated charcoal can help with gas and bloating. Just by taking some after a gas-producing meal with some water, it can really make a difference.

Treats Alcohol Poisoning and Hangovers – In some studies, if you were to take activated charcoal before your night out, you would be less likely to suffer from a bad hangover the next day. Along with this, taking activated charcoal helps reduce blood alcohol concentrations.

Skin and Body Health – Activated charcoal can be used in many different ways for your skin and body. For external use, it can be used to help treat acne. Activated charcoal can also be used to relieve discomfort from insect bites, rashes, or even snake bites.

Digestive Cleanse – Using activated charcoal can help produce a healthy digestive system by removing toxins. This will improve joint health, energy and increase mental function.

It is amazing to see what a natural substance can help you improve by taking it. Activated charcoal has many benefits, even ones that are not listed. However, activated charcoal can come with side effects and should not be used with certain medications, so check with your doctor before taking.

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